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Small Vacuum Compression Bags(16" X 24")


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SPACE-SAVING: With the vacuum bag, you finally have space in your closet, or when traveling in your suitcase.
The space requirements of your towels, bed linen, pillows, jackets, sweaters, Plueschtiere and other textiles can now be reduced by the vacuum bag by up to 75%. From your new storage space, you will be absolutely stupefied.

AIR AND WATERPROOF: The double zipper makes the vacuum bags absolutely air-tight.
PROTECTION: No more smells or mold.
Due to the coated material, the vacuumed contents are completely protected from: smells, mold, mites, insects, moisture ....

ASSEMBLY: Installation is easy with the help of a standard vacuum cleaner.
Simply connect the vacuum cleaner to the exhaust valve, check if the rubber seal rests in the valve.
Now completely vacuum the air with the vacuum cleaner and then close it with the valve cover.
Color: Transparent color, blue
Material: PA + PE
Size: 16" X 24"